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Shopping in Malaysia – Not all about the Mall

CENTRAL MARKET For those of you who think that shopping in Malaysia is all about the Mall, well, it’s not all about the mall. Our local guide informed us that there are normal markets like the kind we find in India – bazaars where we actually get fresh fruit and vegetable sold by individual vendors …


1MALAYSIAYES with Nessun Dorma and Man Kidal

This strange sounding title actually means Zandra Rhodes watching the Dep Toursim Chairman ONE MALAYSIA YEAR END SALE Indeed on the 15th of November, the Year End Sales were launched at a mega function and mini ramp show coinciding with the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Show weekend. Stores all over Malaysia will be offering discounts and …


Malaysian interlude – Selamat Datang MEGAFAM

Image for Welcome Malaysia

A pleasant surprise Little did I know what was in store for me when I found that I was one of the winners of the Malaysiajao contest held by Tourism Malaysia and Blogadda. I soon found out when I attended the MEGA FAM or the familiarisation trip organised by Tourism Malaysia to showcase its tourism …


Malaysian Interlude – Here I come!

I’m off to the shopWith a skip and a hopTo buy a balloonThat won’t go pop. I wonder how many of you remember this childhood rhyme? Well I was reminded of it this morning because I am off to the shops not with a skip and a hop but on a big Malaysian Airlines plane …


Chapter 5 – The Elephant Parade

The Spellbinders Read the previous parts of the story here: Chapter 1- Room no.4 by Ankita Singhal Chapter 2 – Table no. 4 by Bushra M Chapter 3 – If Looks Could Kill by Ryan Fernandes Chapter 4-  The Flower That Never Bloomed by Kunal Borah CHAPTER 5 THE ELEPHANT PARADE Tara took a quick …


I’ve won myself a holiday!!!!!

Just when my problems with my Samsung seemed to be over, I began experiencing problems with my service provider. Vodafone it seems is upgrading from 3G to another G (naturally because I’ve just activated a 3G connection on my iPad) and from time to time I lose connectivity. With the temperature rising by the minute, …