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A discovery of self : Book Review of “All the lives we never lived”

An unputdownable novel set in pre-Independent India


6 C’s of Brilliance – Key to raising a successful child

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What is the secret of a child’s brilliance? After a long hiatus of almost a year, the Itinerant Blogger is back on my blog. The past year has seen a lot of changes in her life hence the absence from my blog.  But she is back with a brilliant review of a book that ALL …


Love in the time of war #Book Review of BAAZ

When you’re down and out there’s nothing like Chicklit to pick you up. Feeling under the weather after a particularly violent attack of diarrhea, I decided I needed to get back to my time an tested remedy of a good read. I chanced upon BAAZ Anuja Chauhan’s latest novel and grabbed it simply because of …


One Indian Girl #2017 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

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One Indian Girl   Yipee! 1 down and 23 to go! I actually managed to read a book this week. And that too in a day. For those who know my life, this is a major achievement. I haven’t had time to read for quite a while. As for reading a book in a day- …


These Circuses that Sweep the Landscape #Book Review

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Life is a circus Have you ever wondered what it is like to be lost in a giant shopping mall? Have you ever watched in amazement as blue flames danced over a banana pudding ? Or have you ever been consumed by an irrational love that affects your daily life? Life seems to be a …


Top tips for classy table decor #OutdoYourselfReadingChallenge

  At the beginning of the year, I joined Corinne Rodrigues #Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge and pledged to read a modest 12 books a year which makes it just ONE book a month. Surely that is a target I can hope to achieve after all, a book a month is not much of a challenge is …