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Thank God for …..

 Reasons to thank God   This morning I got up early refreshed and early to seize the day. I scrolled through my mail box and came across Vidya’s post on Gratitude Day and realised...

When Strangers become friends 0

When Strangers become friends

Blogadda’s latest initiative to get bloggers to collaborate over a story to #celebrateblogging was a unique idea. All bloggers who registered for this online contest were divided into teams of ten each who I...

The Case of the Shrinking Wash 0

The Case of the Shrinking Wash

Old timers like me will remember book shelves in their homes with titles like “The Case of the Velvet Claws” written by Earle Stanley Gardner who was widely read by our parents. The iconic...


Mixed Feelings

We’re back! Our team The Spellbinders  consisting of Ankita Singhal, Ankit Mahato, Bushra M, Bhavya Nandkumar, Deepa Dutta, Farida Rizwan, Kunal Borah, Ryan Fernandes, Ritu Lalit and myself spent some nail biting moments over...

Playing Tag 0

Playing Tag

One of our members Kunal made this logo Chapter 1 Room No.4 Chapter 2  Table No 4 Chapter 3  If Looks Could Kill Chapter 4 The Flower That Never Bloomed Chapter 5  The Elephant Parade Chapter...


Chapter 5 – The Elephant Parade

The Spellbinders Read the previous parts of the story here: Chapter 1- Room no.4 by Ankita Singhal Chapter 2 – Table no. 4 by Bushra M Chapter 3 – If Looks Could Kill by...

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