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Great Balls of Sweetness #WordlessWednesday

I was amazed at the size of these boondi laddoos hanging from a street shop

Spring has Sprung 4

Spring has Sprung

I celebrated the coming of spring with Chinese dragons and lions.


Look Ma No Traffic!!!! #WordlessWednesday

It’s 4 in the afternoon and this normally busy road is empty ! What’s wrong with this city? Where have all the people gone? It’s Diwali and you can actually walk in bhaji gulley...


The Dawning of a New Diwali #MondayMusings

The dawning of a new Diwali The house is in darkness as is the rest of the city. It is the second day of Diwali but for me and my family it is like...

Navigating the Gift Giving Challenge: Gift for a 100 year old 0

Navigating the Gift Giving Challenge: Gift for a 100 year old

This post first appeared as http://mumbaionahigh.com/2009/06/a-hundred-winters-passing-by.html The Gift Giving Challenge With the Festive Season coming upon us, buying a gift is a major task many of us face. Diwali, especially that has special days for...

Christmas Tree #ThursdayTreeLove 6

Christmas Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

Christmas is over but the trees are still up. I love visiting hotels at this time of the year to see them beautifully decorated . This tree standing majestically in the Taj Mahal Intercontinental...


Saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha #MyFriendAlexa

Today it is 10 days since we welcomed the elephant headed God Lord Ganesh into our homes. The tradition of a community Ganesh celebration began 125 years ago when Bal Gangadhar Tilak began this...

When Santa Had a Close Shave 0

When Santa Had a Close Shave

Reunions and Nostalgia On the 19th of December our class got together for our 40th reunion. Of course this didn’t mean that it was the 40th meeting since we graduated from high school but...


A tea party for Ganpati

Today we were invited to a tea party – a party with a difference. Unlike an English Tea party, this one had a distinctly Indian touch with the main purpose being to pay our...


A Christmas Story

Christmas is one of those festivals with a universal appeal and  with all the hype of decorations and Santas in shops, children love the idea of getting presents from “Santa” when they wake up...

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