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Thank You February #Gratitude Circle

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Well, today is the last day of February. Today is special because it will be another four years before February has 29 days. But more than that, February is my favourite month because it is my birthday month so I’m always grinning from ear to ear every February. But this didn’t mean I had NO …


The bouquet that left me speechless #WordlessWednesday


  Flowers always make me happy. Somehow, their nodding heads bring a smile to my face. It was my birthday on the 12th and I received a bouquet of flowers from a dear friend. I was thrilled to see them.  But later in the evening, I received a basket of flowers that left me speechless. …


The Friday Before Christmas #FridayReflections

  It’s the end of the week and how I wish I could reach out, wrap my hands around that steaming hot cup of tea and curl up with a nice book. Yes, as Ripley would say, believe it or not,  but after the fourth Christmas celebration this year, I feel that Christmas is already …


Through a rain of light #WordlessWednesday

A spectacular illumination of nearly a whole street to celebrate a wedding of the richest man in India


Balloon Heads for Ravan #WordlessWednesday

Updating an old story

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7 Flavorful Ways to Grace Any Celebration That Comes Your Way

Celebrations and cakes go hand in hand and when it comes to festivities that come along after every season, cakes become the ultimate delight when everybody wishes to dig their spoons in. These are the divine bites of happiness and are a great combination of flavors and temptations. Available in variant shapes and sizes, they …