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Waking up to the Gooodness of chocolate #MyFriendAlexa

Who doesn’t like chocolate ? I find chocolate hard to resist and when I read Shilpa of Metanoia ‘s post about the benefits of chocolate on #FlavoursomeTuesdays , I couldn’t help drooling . FlavoursomeTuesdays is a blog hop that the both of us co-host on the first Tuesday of every month. Little did I imagine …


What’s that under your bed?

  What’s that ?” the Hubby said “Are those chocolate wrappers under the bed?” “Of course they are,” I happily said With not the slightest trace of guilt. “Are you stressed?” he asked  That you eat in bed? Why don’t you have a drink instead?” So will that mean, henceforth you’ll see Underneath my bed …


#AnythingGoesOnSunday – even a box of assorted chocolates

On Friday evening, I had invited my friends over to meet my grandchildren over a cup of tea. I thought it was the best way for everyone to meet everyone and especially meet the children who weren’t going to be staying around for too long as both their moms are scheduled to go back to …