Look Ma No Traffic!!!! #WordlessWednesday

It’s 4 in the afternoon and this normally busy road is empty ! What’s wrong with this city? Where have all the people gone? It’s Diwali and you can actually walk in bhaji gulley . The neighbourhood is deathly quiet – not a pataka to be heard. Can’t believe it’s Diwali! Sharing this with on […]

Diwali disaster #FlavoursomeTuesdays

Sadly every day is NOT a Sunday. In fact today’s Tuesday is hardly flavoursome. There are something’s that aren’t just meant to be . After several attempts over several years, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Home made Chaklis aren’t for me. Chakli are those round maze like savoury fry ups that are crispy […]

My Diwali- a changing celebration 

When Lauren Regan , a WRITE TRIBER from Canada asked what Diwali was all about and if anyone could write a post about how they celebrated it, I volunteered but warned her that she’d get many variations of the festival because we each of us celebrate it differently. This simple request has now turned into a […]

Arnab’s Loud Noises replace Crackers this Diwali

Normally weeks before Diwali, the fire crackers start bursting and the noise about Diwali makes itself heard. Surprisingly this year it has been pretty quiet and I am willing to bet will be pretty silent. Is it finally dawning on people that we need peace and quiet and not NOISE to celebrate the festival of […]