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June- the Four Day Wonder #FridayReflections 4

June- the Four Day Wonder #FridayReflections

“Let’s call her June” And that was it. It seemed the perfect name for the newest addition to our family. June came into our lives in June ( obviously!) A sad eyed Beagle Hound...

Morning walkers #WordlessWednesday 17

Morning walkers #WordlessWednesday

A cheery sight on a morning walk


Shaggy dog tale #FlavoursomeTuesday

Before you start yawning at the the prospect of going through a long winded story, let me assure you that this is a shaggy dog story of a completely different kind . Firstly, it...

Cheers#WordlessWednesday 0


The family was enjoying a celebratory lunch in the garden when the family dog decided that she needed to be part of the party too! We were speechless as she downed the glass of...

A dearly missed pet – Day 6 WTFOW#5 7

A dearly missed pet – Day 6 WTFOW#5

A pet of a dog Dogs are a man’s best friend and a universally accepted  common pet. We’ve always had a pet at home while growing up and it helped us keep out of...

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