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10 Great Options for Indian Vegetarians travelling to Dubai #Guest Post

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With the month long Dubai Shopping Festival slated to start after Christmas, (December 26, 2017 – January 27, 2018) many Indians will be making their way to this great shopping destination. But if you are a vegetarian like Hubby Dear, it will be hard to decide which place to eat in. Last year, particularly we …


Sunrise, Spiderman & Clouds in a Dubai Sky #SkywatchFriday

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Sunrise, Spiderman & Clouds   Looking up at the hotel for my last view of the City Seasons Tower, I was amazed to see two window cleaners rappelling down the mirrored surface. For a moment, I really thought they were Spidermen ! It was long overdue I thought, considering the spattered windows that disfigured my …


4 Things I did at #The Dubai Mall – The Adventures of Bellybytes

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My first visit to the Dubai Mall was in 2015 during my very brief visit to the City.   I thought it would be my last visit as there are very few places I visit multiple times. But I was proved wrong when I visited Dubai yet  again this year. There is something magical about this place …


Going up and going down #Lift experience 

A Lift Experience  Like any normal persons, the first thing we did upon checking into the #CitySeasonsTowers Hotel at Dubai was to make our way to the room we we’re allotted .  I was on a much needed R &R break and was accompanying Hubby Dear on his business trip.  Our welcome to Dubai was …


The Mall of Dubai -Shoppers’ Paradise

A Shoppers’ Paradise Shopaholics like Becky Bloomwood will loveThe Mall of Dubai . While Becky is imaginary, the mall is not, and is a living testament to how a desert can become  home to luxury brands and luxurious living. I must confess that I’m not a great shopper – my motto is ” a fool and his money are …


Dubai's hidden gem

The historic district of Dubai is a delight!