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Bend It Like Dina

2018 is an important year for all those born in 1958 . This is the year we all turn 60. Dina, one of my classmates who reached this milestone proves that we can still be relevant as silver haired citizens. I had to share this article that was shared on our school WhatsApp group. Enjoy …

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Morning walkers #WordlessWednesday

A cheery sight on a morning walk


Losing it – why not I?

Losing weight is a losing battle

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In the lift this evening

When things get uncomfortable in a high-rise elevator


The Gentlemen's Game

Cricket was supposed to be a gentleman’s game and an English one at that but ever since that game was introduced to the colonies particularly those of the Indian subcontinent it has changed beyond recognition. For starters not only has this game been totally democratised but it had been adopted as the official religion of …