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Step exercise #WordlessWednesday

Step exercises take on an entirely new meaning when one uses the stairs to access the skywalk at Nana’s Chowk. This busy intersection in South Mumbai is so foolishly made that most people prefer to risk being run over to cross the road rather than take the steps which do not really take you across …


Rub your tummy away.

Can you rub your tummy away?  I always had a flat stomach. Yes, my butt is big, my arms are flabby and my basic shape is round. But, my stomach has always been flat. Till I touched the golden age of 50. That’s when I realised that my stomach too was getting round – just …

Mumbai Diary

Glimpses of The Mumbai Marathon

Once again it is that time of year when Mumbai takes to the streets. This year the enthusiasm amongst the watchers was much less than every year but surprisingly the participants were more than 30%! Every time I see these magnificent runners I get inspired to run but then laziness takes over and I am …


Running the Race : Winning does matter

Recently Little Po and Ms. Papaya went for a toddlers’ event. The air was festive and the competition healthy. The message sent out to the little ones was that all that mattered was that they be there. Everyone would get a chocolate medal at the end of it all. In fact, the common refrain I’ve …


Bend It Like Dina

2018 is an important year for all those born in 1958 . This is the year we all turn 60. Dina, one of my classmates who reached this milestone proves that we can still be relevant as silver haired citizens. I had to share this article that was shared on our school WhatsApp group. Enjoy …

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Morning walkers #WordlessWednesday

A cheery sight on a morning walk