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Some more Florence

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) David at the Accademia Like every other tourist visiting Florence I was determined to see all the tourist sites – the churches, the architecture, the paintings and the piazzas. As I walked through this very walkable part of the old city I actually began to feel sorry for its inhabitants. Imagine being …


Florence – a delightful surprise at every turn

Ciao Firenze Ever since I’d read EM Foster’s ” A Room with a View” as a 16 year old, I’ve been dying to see Florence so when I got a chance to visit Italy this year, I just had to include Florence in my itinerary even if it was a short trip. I  love train …


If holidays are made of memories – why not make them Italian?

English: Empty farmhouse near Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Happy families are made of happy memories made while families are together. All of us will recollect with nostalgia that gets stronger as our memories get older, those holidays when all of us gathered under one roof. It didn’t matter where we met, …