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The Plane #FridayFotoFiction 8

The Plane #FridayFotoFiction

Zahan and Kayan loved playing on the rocky beach while their parents snoozed in the shack.  It was exciting scouring for shells and other treasures that were washed ashore among the flotsam. Suddenly Zahan...

Sand Dance #FridayFotoFiction 16

Sand Dance #FridayFotoFiction

He held out his hand And she grasped at it  tightly while he led her to the sand at the edge of the water where they Danced. As they twirled and they swirled ,...

The Castle by the Sea #FridayFotoFiction 12

The Castle by the Sea #FridayFotoFiction

‘Remember that night son?” asked Captain Johnson as we looked up at the castle perched perilously on the rocky cliff above. “We fled for our lives with just the shirts on our backs.” How...

And you remain invincible #FridayFotoFiction 2

And you remain invincible #FridayFotoFiction

I’ve often wondered what it was about you that inspired men to wage bloody wars. Were you made of  metal so precious that made human life worthless? Over the centuries you watched several fierce...

Love Birds in waiting  #FridayFotoFiction Week 9 8

Love Birds in waiting #FridayFotoFiction Week 9

Love Birds in waiting “Oh no! It’s not yet time.  Another hour before she comes home from school. She must let us out before her mother comes home.” “Patience dear, I’m sure she’ll come....

The bench #FridayFotoFiction 7

The bench #FridayFotoFiction

Everyday as I walk I find the bench beckoning to me . “Come sit down and rest ” But I continue walking. With steady resolve I continue . “I will walk past you, ”...

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