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Great Balls of Sweetness #WordlessWednesday

I was amazed at the size of these boondi laddoos hanging from a street shop


Goodbye Lord Ganesh #WordlessWednesday

Last night after dinner we heard the drums beating frenziedly downstairs. So we rushed out to the balcony and saw a sea of orange-clad devotees saying goodbye to Lord Ganesh in a raucous procession....


Now that Ganesha has gone #GratitudeCircle.

Ganesha and after With September slipping into October and less than a 100 days left for this year to end, I realise that there is a lot left to be done on my to...


Thank God for …..

 Reasons to thank God   This morning I got up early refreshed and early to seize the day. I scrolled through my mail box and came across Vidya’s post on Gratitude Day and realised...


A tea party for Ganpati

Today we were invited to a tea party – a party with a difference. Unlike an English Tea party, this one had a distinctly Indian touch with the main purpose being to pay our...


Celebrating Ganesh

Long before it became environmentally fashionable, I’ve been celebrating the festival of Ganpati with my tiny silver idol. It all started with the aim of introducing my children to some of our traditions which...


Ganesha Celebrations – Then and Now

A 121 year old tradition a 121 year old tradition Lord Ganesh, Remover of all Obstacles  and Purveyor of Happiness has been worshipped by Hindus at the start of every “Pooja” or prayer service...


Bhaji Gully

Yesterday I was walking through Bhaji Gully when it suddenly struck me how wonderful it was to walk through a space that was so alive. Every day there is something new that is happening...

Welcoming Lord Ganesh 1

Welcoming Lord Ganesh

                                                          Somethings are just meant to...


Goodbye Ganesha

This granite milestone marking 3 miles from St. Thomas’ Cathedral in the heart of what one can easily now call Old Mumbai ,(since Navi Mumbai  sits right across the harbour!) is normally hidden from view...

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