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Messages I received for #InternationalWomen’sDay

As everyone knows today is International Women’s Day. And everyone says that every day is women’s day. There shouldn’t be a special day only for women . Yet, we send each other messages and wish one another saying “ I don’t really believe in Women’s Day but Happy Women’s Day to you anyway”. We send …


A Year of Firsts #The Itinerant Blogger

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A lot of firsts on a political and personal note too


Cut hair , cut care

When you cut your hair, do you cut your cares ?


#International Women’s Day

Greetings on Women’s Day


Do we as women need to celebrate #Women’s Day?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video clip exhorting women to #uncelebratewomen’sday. It was very cleverly made and cited several reasons for skipping this ‘event ‘ as it were . And I agree with them . Do we as women need a special day? I also read a remarkable post by Mackenzie Glanville who remarked that …

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The shocking revelations of #MeToo

Responding to #MeToo Ever since the Harry Weinstein scandal broke news, I’ve been thinking about this creep. Obviously many people have been thinking about it because it sparked off #MeToo a social media campaign inviting people who have experienced sexual harassment/abuse at the work place to be vocal about it. Over the past few days, …