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What to do when you are battling the flu #MondayMusings

Battling the ‘flu January has been a cold month even for us lucky folks in Mumbai. The cold weather which alternates with hot, however, is great for ‘flu germs that are just waiting to...


Boys don’t make passes at girls with glasses

  I was walking in the garden when I noticed Divya in the distance. She was new to the area and I met her during my regular walks in the neighbourhood park. What started...

A drink for Bala #Bar-a-thon 8

A drink for Bala #Bar-a-thon

  “Drink for you Bala?” asked Vinod. “Sure, I’ll have a Glenmorangie on the rocks.” “On the rocks?” said Vinod with a quizzically raised eyebrow. “Are you sure?” “Absolutely! And please make that a...

#MondayMusings- In sickness or in health 6

#MondayMusings- In sickness or in health

How to ruin a perfect weekend  Last weekend which should have been a happy one started off badly with a loose remark being taken the wrong way. I was brushing my teeth before turning...

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