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Conversations? #WordlessWednesday 12

Conversations? #WordlessWednesday

Walking through the Kala Ghoda area I came across this interesting sight . The contrast between the twentieth century animated conversationists in the mural and the bored modern day tourist and the watchful tourist...

Another day in Bombay 8

Another day in Bombay

There’s nothing more wonderful than visiting your city as a tourist. After all when most of my visits are confined to St. Stephen’s Cafe at Malabar Hill, Off the Hook at Breach Candy or...

Image of horse leaping on car 0

Re-visiting the bylanes off Kala Ghoda

 Kala Ghoda   Kala Ghoda has been one of my favourite places to hang around in and I can never really tire of it.   The Black Horse For many years now , the...


Walking down a leafy street in Mumbai’s Art District 

There are very few leafy streets left in Mumbai these days particularly wide ones with old trees and old buildings. Rampart Row which was so called because it was once the rampart of the...


Ganpati Bappa Morya -Getting ready for Ganesha

English: Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Photo credit: Wikipedia) With Purshottam’s month finally over, the entire city is getting ready to celebrate the festival of Ganesha. With the rains miraculously gone, the past week has seen...

Bring on the Band Baja – 0

Bring on the Band Baja –

Image via Wikipedia Last week I had to hunt around for musicians to play at Anna Shetty’s wedding. Most Indian weddings have a live band escorting the groom’s party to the wedding venue and...

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