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Who is the Boss ?

At the end of the day, when the whole family meets over the dining table, conversations are generally about how the day went. And more often than not, everyone grumbles about their boss. One day Little Po asked his other grandma who was the boss of the house. His other Grandpa (whom he also calls …


Artful toddlers #WordlessWednesday


With my right wrist fractured and my arm in a sling , I have to rely on my resources to blog. So here I am relying on Little Po and Ms. Papaya to cheer me up with their colourful masterpiece. Sharing this with Esha and Natasha’s #WordlessWednesday linky party. Ciao

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July : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly #GratitudeCircle

July isn’t exactly my favourite month of the year simply because it has 31 days. Somehow, this one extra day makes the month interminable for me . Yet this July , like all months had its good days and bad. In fact the month reminded me of the spaghetti Western starring Clint Eastwood ‘The Good, …


Dancing tree in the Breeze #ThursdayTreeLove

  Anna Shetty was busy at the hospital so I had to pick up Little Po from his nursery school. On the way I had to fetch his carer who would take him to his other grandparents’ home for the rest of the day. I waited down in the compound of the building and watched …


Thank you World#GratitudeCircle

Today is the last day of 2015. I don’t know why today should be different from any other day because the sun will still rise in the East and set in the   West.  While returning home last night, daughter no 1 remembers Y2K and all the hype that went with it. She asked if …