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Be with me #GuestPost #FridayReflections

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Yay! Glad to share   Yesterday was Dussehra, the tenth day of the Navratri festival. Traditionally it is a women’s festival dedicated to the praise of the mother goddess. It is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country.  In my part of the world, it is celebrated by  visiting elders, offering them …


Flipkart helps you be your fashionable best #GuestPost

Being fashionable is no longer an option with millennials who always want to put their best foot forward. But as with everything else, they have little time to actually go out to the stores and patiently try out the latest fashions. The Internet has the ideal solution for this conundrum with FLIPKART and GOPAISA offering …

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5 Essential things for the pregnant traveller

Once upon a time, a pregnant woman travelling was considered a no-no.  Especially long distances. However, times have changed and many couples, especially those expecting their first babies, actually go on a Babymoon – the last fling as it were- before the arrival of their Prince/Princess of Wails . But whether you go on a Babymoon …


Grandparents are special #Guestpost #mymojo #wordsante

Hello and welcome to another wonderful Guest Post from Rupa of Mocktail Mommies. Grandparents have always had a part to play in bringing up children, more so in today’s world where both parents are often working. Here’s what Rupa has to say. GRANDPARENTS the word itself states ‘’GRAND’’ parents. Grandparents are delightful blend of laughter, caring …


Good Intentions? #Guest Post 2

I had begun this series of #GuestPosts to bring variety to my content. Originally scheduled for the first of every month, this post was pushed to the 2nd because 1st July was already crowded with #SkywatchFriday, #FridayReflections and the #TheDailyPost . Besides,  a blogger of repute like Corinne deserves a special day.  I am honoured and …