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Be with me #GuestPost #FridayReflections

Yay! Glad to share   Yesterday was Dussehra, the tenth day of the Navratri festival. Traditionally it is a women’s festival dedicated to the praise of the mother goddess. It is celebrated in different...


5 Essential things for the pregnant traveller

Once upon a time, a pregnant woman travelling was considered a no-no.  Especially long distances. However, times have changed and many couples, especially those expecting their first babies, actually go on a Babymoon – the...


Grandparents are special #Guestpost #mymojo #wordsante

Hello and welcome to another wonderful Guest Post from Rupa of Mocktail Mommies. Grandparents have always had a part to play in bringing up children, more so in today’s world where both parents are...

Good Intentions? #Guest Post 2 22

Good Intentions? #Guest Post 2

I had begun this series of #GuestPosts to bring variety to my content. Originally scheduled for the first of every month, this post was pushed to the 2nd because 1st July was already crowded...

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