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Losing it – why not I?

Losing weight is a losing battle


Crank it up #DailyPost

Last week we were getting ready for work when the phone rang. Who could it be? I hope it’s not what I think it is. No, I don’t think so but let’s find out.   Five minutes later I found out. You won’t believe this : the hospital has asked for the crank The crank? …


Awfully awesome and terribly terrific

I was walking out of the house feeling ten feet tall –  quite a feat for someone like me who barely stretches out five feet from head to toe. No, I wasn’t walking on stilts but in my new heels, this time slightly higher than the three-inch stilettos I normally love wearing and red, redder …


When 2+2=3

Well, if upon seeing this title you think I’m a dud at Maths, I won’t blame you. I have never really been good at maths and once I ran out of 10 fingers, I just couldn’t add any more – especially not in school when it was compulsory to wear socks and shoes. Of course …


The Case of the Beeping Seat Belt

Credit Waking Up In an ideal situation, we would all be waking up to the sounds of a peaceful morning, the sounds of silence interrupted by the occasional chirruping of birds like cheeping  Sparrows , cawing Crows  or Koels cooing in maddening arpeggios?  But how many of us , I daresay in Bombay at least, …