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Open Air Hair Saloon #WordlessWednesday

The village barber is even found in a city like Mumbaj


Look Ma – No Potholes!!!!!

English: An SVG version of :Image:Spinal cord direv.png, traced by Time3000 in December 2006 using Inkscape, original version created by ExplicitImplicity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ever since I made this discovery I’ve been in shock! In fact it’s been such a great shock that I could hardly bring myself to write about it lest the Evil …


By George! or Twins on Different Continents

Twins (Photo credit: { brandie }) Today was one of those days when  I felt I had nothing to blog about when “pop” came a letter from my father. He is one of those bloggers who couldn’t be bothered about “blogging” having tried his hand at it  several times and abandoned various blogs at different …


Proud to be Indian

Despite the umpteen reasons for being happy to be born in India, there are equally hundreds of reasons to feel sorry for the state of the nation – the daily grind, the daily whine and the daily blah blah blah. Somehow nothing seems to really change and if it does, it is so imperceptible that …


Maharashtra State Legislators and Mumbai Municipal Corporators to donate just Rs. ONE Crore Today

I had slept fitfully last night. I just about managed to get a dozen eggs and a small loaf of bread  yesterday and was wondering how long my rations would last. Normally I buy my groceries at the beginning of the month but this month, preoccupied as I was with Wow Dinga and Anna Shetty, …


Why is it only in India………….?

Welcome Home! For the past week the household has been in a tizz or rather abuzz with the thought that Blablabla is coming from the US. Blablabla is all of 23 years old, has visited India many times and is quite familiar with Bombay, her last visit having been 11 months ago. Blablabla is a …


Strange are the ways of God

Each moment is truly different and each day brings on new experiences. Take 1 o’clock on Tuesday. Each of the Tuesdays in this month of November have been different – each one unplanned yet strangely , one that fitted perfectly in my very ordinary , normal day. Tuesday 6th November 1 p.m Royal Bombay Yacht …


Kimchi on Sunday

It all started with the humongous cucumber Kadam brought home from the farm. Since we had already decided to have Chinese for dinner, I decided to make some kimchi to go with the meal and use up the cucumber which otherwise would have taken me at least a month to chomp through. Kimchi is actually …


Leg of Mutton

      mutton [ˈmʌtən] n 1. (Cookery) the flesh of sheep, esp of mature sheep, used as food (Clothing & Fashion) mutton dressed as lamb an older woman dressed up to look young 3. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Printing another word for em [1] Compare nut [12] [C13 moton sheep, from Old French, from Medieval Latin multō, of Celtic origin; the term was adopted in …