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From the Smiling Buddha to Shakti

Geography lesson class 8 : We are learning about the different climatic regions of India and  Mrs.Karat intones .” the Thar Desert is an arid wasteland also known as The Great Indian Desert. It also forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan, ” and thwack a piece of chalk falls on Baldie’s desk as …


How the world changed me #SayYesToTheWorld

Sunrises and Sunsets. With each ticket to somewhere, I find I change a little .  Travel opens my mind to a world of new experiences. It expands to accommodate new sunrises and new sunsets I discover new tastes and smells that excite the palate and stir the senses. Like the first time I shivered outside …


#Evion and me – A Hairy Tale

Vitamin E is important for good skin and good health. Get your daily dose from Evion.


Take it from the top

“Boys! Girls! Quiet now. Let’s take it from the top,” Miss Da Silva’s voice trilled over the rumblings that were going on at the back of the class.The boys sniggered when they heard the word ‘top’ as they liked to snigger at anything that reminded of something gross that they associated with words that only …


Diwali a time for family

In today’s world Diwali has become just another holiday and many people actually lock up their homes and take off on a break somewhere. Gone is the excitement of making new clothes, cleaning up the house , eating special food and making memories with family. This delightful message from Pepsico reminds us how fleeting time …