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Life without the Internet would be dull and boring # WOW

When I get up in the morning I look at my phone for any messages that may have come in the night ( I have friends and family in different time zones if not physically, at least mentally) I also look at my phone the last thing at night. In fact, before the Internet, I …


The Perils of Social Media

So caught up are we in the virtual world that we often forget that there is a life beyond the keyboard. This morning I received this reminder that we should stop to stand and stare once in a while and completely disconnect from the virtual world. Thanks for reminding me of the perils of social …


Blogging Woes

Even though I’ve been blogging for quite a while and would technically be considered a professional blogger I find that I am still a newbie simply because I don’t understand the terminology and the technicalities involved in blogging. Despite several attempts at conquering the blogosphere, I don’t seem to have made much headway and the …