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Flowers for Ganesha #WordlessWednesday

There is an air of festive activity in Mumbai . Whether it is a private celebration at home or a community celebration, hectic preparations are afoot to receive Ganesha. Especially in the flower markets that are filled with flowers for Ganesha. Thankfully, the rain gods are giving us a breather. And the flower markets are …

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Getting ready for Ganpati

Bal Gangadhar Tilak started the tradition of bringing home an idol of Lord Ganesh or Ganpati for a ten day festival. The idea was to foster a sense of community and nationalism with skits, bhajans and motivational and spiritual discourse . Today the celebrations have changed with political sponsorship and Bollywood colouring the idea of …


Why I love this Indian Idol #atozchallenge

Image for Lord Ganesh

Hindus are idol worshippers and many  have idols of their ancestral/family/favourite Gods enshrined in a special room or altar. While the basic tenets of Hinduism are common, the worship and rituals vary.  In my own family, each of us has our own favourite idol but there is one Indian Idol that we all love – …