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#FridayReflections-My 7 favourite movies

I grew up in an age when TV didn’t exist in my part of the world. The only entertainment we had were the movies. I was lucky enough to see a movie every week – in some places even twice a week. And what an event it was! Being a Service establishment meant that we …


Things aren’t always what you think they are #LoveAndLaughter

It was getting on to 7.30 and I was just winding up . For the past three hours or so, there were 20 three year olds running around the house as their mummies and nannies chased after them and I was exhausted! As I picked up the last streamer, the lock on the front door …

Mumbai Diary

#JioMAMI – the Mumbai Film Festival

Mumbai has been at the heart of the Indian film industry so it is only natural that it has its own film festival. MAMI or the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image has been hosting this festival since its inception in 1997 but it almost didn’t happen last year because of an acute paucity of funds. But …