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A night at the Airport

Disclaimer : This is a major rant so if you don’t want to listen, move on . To do or not to do This week I’ve been busy with getting my trip organised . Sadly the heavy rains put paid to my travel plans and after a four hour wait at the airport I returned …


Welcome to Mumbai

Back in the day when Mumbai was Bombay, the photos were B&W, the taxis were black and yellow,the buses were B.E.S.T, the radio was Radio Ceylon and the streets were smooth and uncongested and Santa Cruz Bombay’s only airport was only a half hour ride away, going to the airport was like a picnic. Perhaps …


Sitting in the Driver’s Seat

This morning before the crack of dawn  Hubby dear woke to his internal alarm which was programmed  for 2.30 am in order for him  to catch the 6.30  Delhi flight. Even though he put on all the lights, I was still in the land of nod so when he asked me to drop him off …