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What are you cooking today?

With everyone housebound, eating has assumed prime importance in my home . After all there is only so much tv you can watch and only so many books you can read . Talking to friends is another option but with everyone having only ONE thing on their minds, there is nothing much to talk about …


My Mumbai Sky is bluer #SkywatchFriday

The only good thing to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic is my blue MUMBAI sky. Normally the sky is now and clear only for around four days in the year – just before the rains ( sometimes) ans definitely after the rains have washed the sky clean during the monsoon season. But last week …


Love me love my dog #WordlessWednesday


Early this week before social distancing actually came to force , I found these doggies relaxing with their walkers on a street corner . Within days the scenario has changed and no longer do we see such casual meetings. Dogs go about their business as quickly as possible . As for their walkers some building …

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What is the most used word in the English language these days?

The most widely used word Viral was a boy in my brother’s class in school.I’m not joking. There was a boy who was called Viral and he has grown up to be a man called Viral. Little did I know that forty years on viral would be the most used word after THE which is …


February Sky #SkywatchFriday

Capturing the sun before it set . The days have become longer now and sunset is much later . The skies are pink and purple before the sun finally bids good bye . Sharing my MUMBAI sunset with other skywatchers on #SkywatchFriday. Happy weekend all Ciao


Male or female ? #ThursdayTreeLove

Waiting for the Little Ones to come out of class gives me time to notice the trees in the leafy lane the school is situated in. The other day I noticed an interesting tree trunk with peeling bark. I asked one of the fathers if he knew what the name of the tree was. I …