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Memories of music past

I woke up this morning too excited to sleep. And while catching up with my reading, came across this delightful interview  of David Marchese in conversation with Billy Joel. Billy Joel is probably  on the play list of my readers’ moms’.  But for me, it brought back memories of a time when there was music in …


Take it from the top

“Boys! Girls! Quiet now. Let’s take it from the top,” Miss Da Silva’s voice trilled over the rumblings that were going on at the back of the class.The boys sniggered when they heard the word ‘top’ as they liked to snigger at anything that reminded of something gross that they associated with words that only …


Q is for Quando, Quando, Quando

Week four and almost there! Wow! I simply can’t believe it. I’ve not only managed to sustain this challenge but keep up with my daily life too! I’ve just returned from a hectic Sunday of Blogging activity which involved a drive in Tata’s new car the BOLT which was organised by Blogadda and Tata Motors. …


Day Three and Three Songs

Music evokes certain emotions. What are the three songs that you count as your favourites and what emotions do they evoke in you.