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A life in exile – Book Review #The GameOfLife

Rama and Sita begin their exile in the forest.


Romance in the time of the Mahabharat.

Paperback, First Edition, 306 pages Published 2015 by Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd Mythology it seems is the flavour of the season or at least I seem to be drawn to books inspired by mythology these days. I remember a time when I was drawn to detective stories and then the usual romance of Mills & Boon read …


Ramayana retold

Most of us have grown up listening to the tales from the Ramayana so reading Shubha Vilas’ “Rise of the Sun Prince ”  is like revisiting one’s childhood with all the comfort that nostalgia brings with it.Shubha Vilas’ “Rise of the Sun Prince” takes one back to thenostalgic days of one’s childhood, back to granny’s …