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A time to sew and a time to rip#MondayMusings

Ripping time I’ve always been fond of sewing as far as I can remember and used to love making little garments for my little dollies as a little girl.  In school, needlework was compulsory and as an 8 year old, we had to make a pleated skirt, a smocked nightdress  and I can’t remember the …


My little white car

My prized possession is my forty year old car.


A stitch in time saves your mind

Photo showing the bobbin on a Singer sewing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In my quest for calming my troubled soul, I try and find different activities to help me go forward with my life. Some activities are really soothing  – yoga, long walks, meditation, yakking with friends, watching movies, and trying new recipes. Today I …