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To monetize or not-monetize your blog ? That is the question.

Today is one of those days when it’s not too hot ( the sky is overcast) and it’s not too cold ( It’s not yet December!) In fact it is one of those days when the weather is just right. It is also a perfect day for me to blog on a topic that’s currently …


Why Shop? A new shopping paradigm

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Why Shop? For some people shopping is a passion. For some it is a vocation I should know all about shoppers and shopping because my mother is an inveterate shopper. In fact she is an addict. She can find any shop anywhere even in the middle of no where. Of course this annoys my father …


Reblogging : A Rat’s Nibble: Tea Tales from Teabox

My friend K is a die hard tea drinker. At any given time she’s ready to have a cuppa and is always willing to offer you one too whenever you drop by. I myself am not too hysterical about tea but I do enjoy a good cup of tea. And by good, I mean a …