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A Sense of Place Suffuses Joann Pai’s Food Photography | Create

This photographer’s passion first revealed itself in the farmers markets of Paris. — Read on create.adobe.com/2017/8/4/a_sense_of_place_suffuses_joann_pai_s_food_photography.html I was going through my mails this evening when I came across this wonderful article on food photography. What is most amazing is that Joann Pai is SELF TAUGHT! This is the perfect article to share on Tuesday which …


Wonderful Waterworld#Wordless Wednesday

  Earlier this year I spent a few days in Dubai. I had accompanied Hubby Dear on a work trip and while he worked. I slept. Yes, you heard right . I slept because I was so exhausted from working that I just curled up in the comfortable hotel bed and slept. But after one …


March of the Buffalo #WordlessWednesday

The buffaloes marched across the road in quiet dignity I’m linking this post with #WordlessWednesdays  


Smile, You’re on Camera ! #The Itinerant Blogger

    Another charming post continuing the adventures of Ms. Papaya.   Smile! Yesterday I took Ms Papaya to get her passport photo taken. Granny drove us in her trusty 13 year old Hyundai Santro to the photo studio only to be angrily waved away by the security guard: “you CAN”T even ENTER this BUILDING. …


Skies from this week’s Mumbai 

Unlike last week , the smog over Mumbai seems to have cleared and we are back to our sunny days. However it won’t be long before the sun is really strong and we look back to these cold days past with longing Waiting at the traffic lights at Chowpatty . At almost any given time …