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Mumbai Diary

A lady in waiting #MondayMusings

Sometimes it seems I’ve spent my whole life waiting !


My last day on earth #Write Over the Weekend

Today is my last day on earth. I am relieved. I am happy and just waiting to die. After living every day to the fullest, I have had a satisfying life. There are things that remain unsaid, Jobs that remain undone, places that remain unvisited, books that are unread, people whom I wanted to meet, …


A different kettle # WriteOverthe Weekend

Some like it hot and some like it cold, but if you ask me, I’d go for hot any day. I sit in the corner of the living room , far away from the hills where I was born. But I like it here alone in splendid isolation, getting a full view of the room …


Catching Stardust #100WordsonSaturday

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. We react to the same prompt rather differently. This is my reaction to this week’s #100 Words on Saturday  where you’ll find interesting responses to this picture prompt. In a dark and moonless sky when the stars shine bright as day, Or when they hide behind the clouds It’s time …


When nothing means everything

‘When you say nothing at all…’  I’ll be back soon, I promise, I tell you while leaving.  We’ll go for a walk. And you wait all the day But I come home : You bound up with a warm licky welcome  And bring me your leash As I flop in the chair and say Not …