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Grasp # The Daily Post

I look out of the window And watch the snow fall down As outstretched arms of trees Reach out to grasp the flakes Before they touch the ground And turn into a muddy puddle. Responding to #TheDailyPost – Grasp


Smoggy Shroud: looking out of my window #WOW

Looking out my window I see light breaking and know that The sun is just up. But where is it hidden In a shroud of smog ? A raucous crow flies into the frame and rushes out to catch some food he finds below before another one gets the worm That’s wriggling in the filth …

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

In the bathroom one morning

One Saturday morning I stepped into my bath. All lathered up I glanced upon A little cockroach Swiftly scampering past . He seemed quite harmless I thought As it climbed down the wall. Then as it came closer A scream froze in my throat. A shout from me would have the household come running to …


No food to say NO to.

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) How easy it is for us to say NO to food we don’t like because we’re simply too full or just not in the mood How easy it is  for us to to say no to food that is not to our liking or taste. Our exclusive palates so pampered and spoilt …


Fire Crackers on Diwali night

The start of a new year Last night was a big Diwali night, the first night of the start of the merchant’s commercial calendar. As a harvest festival which commemorated the start of another agrarian cycle, Diwali’s Padva is considered one of the three auspicious days where any activity can be started without checking out …