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Life’s lessons

  We never really learn until we truly learn. We always make the same mistakes: again and again We see ourselves standing on a precipice Yet we make the jump Only to break our bones To get up To climb up And fall again. I ask myself Why don’t I ever learn? When will I ever learn? …

Creative Writing

Linen Memories in the Breeze

Memories of linen In the old days Hubby Dear used to travel a lot. And much like the merchant in the classic fairy tale of  Beauty and the Beast, my husband would ask his two girls what they wanted him to bring back from his travels.  And like the good little girls they were, they …


Summer Calls

Coo ooo ooo, Coo ooo ooo, Coo ooo ooo, Coo ooo ooo – each rising an octave higher, the screechy koel rouses me from a sweaty, restless slumber. Awash with light at 5 a.m.,my room is bright, the sun already high. I stretch out like a lazy cat, reluctantly to waken to another hot summer …


April’s Fool – Reality is mere Perception

This Western tradition of playing pranks and jokes on unsuspecting people on the 1st of April is known as April Fool’s Day. Sometimes the jokes are really funny while at times they can go really wrong. But this is one day where you can pull someone’s leg without fear of recrimination. However, I find that …

Creative Writing

Never Underestimate The Power of One

one wrong note can spoil a tune with one wrong turn you lose your path a little tear will spoil a shirt one harsh word will break your heart a single moment one rash act can change your life forever one tiny tug the string will snap the kite flies off forever a mark a …


Grasp # The Daily Post

I look out of the window And watch the snow fall down As outstretched arms of trees Reach out to grasp the flakes Before they touch the ground And turn into a muddy puddle. Responding to #TheDailyPost – Grasp