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Of this and that #MondayMusings

  How do you manage it Corinne? Wow! 2016 is already four days old. This is the first Monday of the week and I was totally inspired by Corinne’s new badge for the #MondayMusings blog hop hosted by her on her blog#Everydaygyaan. For those who don’t know her  ( and I doubt there are too …


Technology and obsolescence

Well, during a recent IndiBlogger meet that I attended last Sunday, I happened to meet an amazing young lady who told me what was wrong with my blog.  1. I was on an outdated and outmoded blogging platform 2.My blogs entries were not tagged properly. 3. I did not have adequate social media presence. These are just …


Republic of Dhansak or Pasta for Nashta?

My friend Dee who always sends me forwards that bring a smile sent me this one which I’d like to share. As she says in her email, the author is unknown so I can’t acknowledge the provenance : A Parsi bawa PM would establish a Ministry Of Dhansak, officially known as the Ministry Of Diplomacy. …