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Lunch box memories#FlavoursomeTuesdays

Image for Ingredients for Prawn Pullao

Yesterday my computer was down and I missed my #FlavoursomeTuesdays post . But before it gets to next Tuesday I’d like to post this memory of my lunch box that sparked my quest for the perfect Prawn Pullao. The lunch box is an important part of every child’s life and mine was particularly so. This …


Hey! The Hall has shrunk! #FridayReflections

  The Assembly Hall I’ve attended many schools in my lifetime. Each school was different . And I loved them all. It didn’t matter if the class rooms were big or the playgrounds small. I navigated them with ease  But the one thing that always filled  me with awe and wonder in every school was …


Take it from the top

“Boys! Girls! Quiet now. Let’s take it from the top,” Miss Da Silva’s voice trilled over the rumblings that were going on at the back of the class.The boys sniggered when they heard the word ‘top’ as they liked to snigger at anything that reminded of something gross that they associated with words that only …