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To monetize or not-monetize your blog ? That is the question.

Today is one of those days when it’s not too hot ( the sky is overcast) and it’s not too cold ( It’s not yet December!) In fact it is one of those days when the weather is just right. It is also a perfect day for me to blog on a topic that’s currently …


Finally finding Leonardo

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Finally!   For those who are following my blog, today I will finally reveal how I found Leonardo. Well, they say Third Time Lucky. In my case it was the fourth! or was it the fifth? At my first attempt at Layal in Burjuman, I was told to try at the Mall of Dubai. So …


4 Things I did at #The Dubai Mall – The Adventures of Bellybytes

Image for Umbrellas at Dubai Mall

My first visit to the Dubai Mall was in 2015 during my very brief visit to the City.   I thought it would be my last visit as there are very few places I visit multiple times. But I was proved wrong when I visited Dubai yet  again this year. There is something magical about this place …


Looking for Tom Ford in Dubai – The adventures of BellyBytes

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In search of Tom Ford “Mom please get me Tom Ford’s Leonardo No 40” I was surprised at this cryptic message from Anna Shetty on my penultimate day in New Jersey. Who and what was Tom Ford? And what was Tom Ford’s Leonardo No. 40 That it turns out was none other than a LIPSTICK!!! …


Are you my target audience?

Who is my target audience?         This afternoon while reading through Tanya’s Blog on Simple ways to choose a topic for your audience, I realised that I didn’t really know who my audience is.  In fact I realised that I had addressed this topic in an earlier post in October last year and …


The Mall of Dubai -Shoppers’ Paradise

A Shoppers’ Paradise Shopaholics like Becky Bloomwood will loveThe Mall of Dubai . While Becky is imaginary, the mall is not, and is a living testament to how a desert can become  home to luxury brands and luxurious living. I must confess that I’m not a great shopper – my motto is ” a fool and his money are …