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Skyline Reflections #SkywatchFriday 6

Skyline Reflections #SkywatchFriday

Sharing the photo of my city skyline reflecting in the calm sea, I began to reflect on life as it unfolds before me. Why do we do the things we do ? Is each action deliberate and well thought of?...

Sun setting over Mumbai #SkywatchFriday 12

Sun setting over Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

Most days my Skywatch post is up first thing Friday morning but these past few days have been very busy. So finally forced to stay at home while the plumber fixes a leaky tap, I managed to capture this setting...

Shoo fly don’t bother me #WordlessWednesday 3

Shoo fly don’t bother me #WordlessWednesday

Plastic bags keep away flies

Image for #SkywatchFriday 8

Glinting Sun in a December Sky #SkywatchFriday

I can’t believe the year is coming to an end. December’s skies so far have been sunbathed sunrises with a stiff westerly breeze blowing my hair in the balcony. Can you see the glinting sunlight on the roof of Imperial...


Smoggy Shroud: looking out of my window #WOW

Looking out my window I see light breaking and know that The sun is just up. But where is it hidden In a shroud of smog ? A raucous crow flies into the frame and rushes out to catch some...


Towers of Gold evening as the sun went down a flash of light caught my eye. I went behind and found my city bathed in a golden glow of dying sun, a sign of hope as thoughts of sadness crossed my mind....


The views this week

Sky peeping out from my father’s garden My week began in Pune where I had gone to visit my parents. My father turned 81 an important landmark in a lifetime. This according to Hindu belief is the age when a...

11-11-11 6


This week was very busy so I am pulling up a picture from last year where the orange pink sunrise is any day more cheery than the haze outside my balconey. 1-1-11,11-1-111-11-1111-11-11 These four “mystical ” dates have driven several...

Sky from Shang Hai 6

Sky from Shang Hai

I’ve just returned from a trip and still can’t get over the wonder that was China. There are really no words to describe this amazing country. The roads are cleaner and better than those I’ve seen anywhere else before, the...

Reflected in Granite 4

Reflected in Granite

Welcome back! Just after the rains the air is so clear that it looks as though all the dust particles have been washed away. Taking advantage of these clear skies, I took an amazing photograph this week : Clouds reflected...

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