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The Banana Graph, Differential pricing and the Indian Budget 2019 2

The Banana Graph, Differential pricing and the Indian Budget 2019

The Great Indian Budget On 1st February, Mr. Jaitly is going to present the Union Budget. Many are predicting that this will be his last. That, of course, needs to be seen but currently,...

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A Year of Firsts #The Itinerant Blogger

A lot of firsts on a political and personal note too


Where is the bride ? #MondayMusings

Life completes a full circle . I’ve now reached a stage where I attend more weddings than dinner parties. This time round it’s not my contemporaries who are getting married but their children ....


The shocking revelations of #MeToo

Responding to #MeToo Ever since the Harry Weinstein scandal broke news, I’ve been thinking about this creep. Obviously many people have been thinking about it because it sparked off #MeToo a social media campaign...


Crime & Punishment – Would harsher laws prevent rape?

English: brightly-coloured sprinkles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Five days ago a young woman was gang-raped in a Delhi bus. This was not only a sad event but also a deplorable event. It has changed the...


Murderous nanny

After a long time I’m actually staying at home this morning. Of course I am not doing anything much which often leaves people conjuring images of me swinging from a fan like an Orang...


When Truth becomes stranger than Fiction

I first read George Orwell‘s futuristic novel “Nineteen Eighty Four” when I was all of fourteen. At that age, 1984 seemed as far away as his idea that Big Brother was watching. I honestly thought...


Can’t you forgive Lance Armstrong?

This morning’s head lines screamed that Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his 7 Tour de France titles. It was only a repetition of what was playing on the ticker tape in last night’s...


Mangoes and bananas – Mixed Fruit cocktail

Just a week away from home and I felt I was coming back to an alien land! I was quite amazed at this Amul hoarding that was on Peddar Road and wondered what all...

Do nice guys finish last? 0

Do nice guys finish last?

It was noon and I was getting late. There were two cars ahead of me and at least ten behind. We were on a downhill road and were prevented from moving ahead by a...

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