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Slow Boat to Alibag

Image for a perfect Mumbai Summer

It’s holiday time in Mumbai and most of the children are at home. It’s also the time when most of the domestic help has gone off on leave or will be going away in the no-so-merry month of May.  In the run up to the long holidays this weekend heralding the month of May, this …


Boiled Eggs and Beer #FlavoursomeTuesdays

I don’t know if this is peculiar to Mumbai but once upon a time , a boiled egg seller outside a beer bar was common sight in Mumbai. But this sight has become rare ever Mumbai’s Beer Bars were shut down  in the early 2000’s because of the shady activities that were conducted there. While …

Mumbai Diary

If its Tuesday it must be Causeway

With nothing really planned for Tuesday we decided to loaf on Colaba Causeway. But before we embarked on our hedonistic mission, we made a quick trip to the temple at Mahalaxmi.Unfortunately because of the terror threats, pilgrims are expected to leave their footwear a hundred feet before the steps to the temple ( with the …


Fools for the Gods

A few years’ ago, I overheard two little girls in the garden talking about plucking the flowers. Our garden with its lush green lawns, well trimmed flower beds with large tempting Cannas, brilliant coloured petunias tumbling out of their pots, large irresistible blossoms of Moussanda and sweet smelling roses, and the the low hanging Frangipani …