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Memories of music past

I woke up this morning too excited to sleep. And while catching up with my reading, came across this delightful interview  of David Marchese in conversation with Billy Joel. Billy Joel is probably  on the play list of my readers’ moms’.  But for me, it brought back memories of a time when there was music in …


Tall, light and sexy #ChampIsBack

You’re sadly mistaken if you think I’m talking about myself. (For the record, I’m short, fat and matronly) . What I’m referring to is the new Android Phone LG’s Nexus 5 which is taller and lighter in weight than Apple’s iPhone 6 ergo sexier since weight is what determines sexiness in today’s world.   While …


#Monday Musings – beware granny has a smart phone too! 

Actually this post would be more appropriately called Tuesday Musings though I started thinking about it on Monday- my mother’s new android phone. I am not ashamed that confess to the universe that not a day passes when I don’t talk to mother. Of course it’s not always a meaningful conversation nor is it very …


The Perils of Social Media

So caught up are we in the virtual world that we often forget that there is a life beyond the keyboard. This morning I received this reminder that we should stop to stand and stare once in a while and completely disconnect from the virtual world. Thanks for reminding me of the perils of social …


New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken.

New year resolutions are hard to keep


Apple Service Centres suck

Yesterday I just realised that most of the year is over. Infact at the end of the day I realised that by next Saturday the first week of August will also be over!!! Time is really zooming past at a pace that is simply mind boggling. The whole of last week was spent in getting …