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MILLENIALS & BABIES, Two and counting

The Hunt for a Telephone on a Tuesday Afternoon

Looking for a telephone on a Tuesday afternoon turned out to be more exciting than a treasure hunt.


Tring, tring, telephone #Friday Reflections

What is a telephone? We were looking through the picture book when we saw a picture of a phone “What is that ? ” the little one said, ” A telephone,” replied I, patting his head. “And what is that?” he asked again “To help you talk to someone else.” “But what about the screen? …


Of mobiles and phones and being disconnected

Telephone (Photo credit: plenty.r.) While growing up the only phone I knew was the one my friend Mona and I had strung up between our two balconies. Actually our balconies were close enough for us to talk to each other without shouting too much, but a science project which involved talking over two strung together …