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Missing the Noise #TheDailyPost

As I sit in my daughter’s apartment in central New Jersey, I realise that something’s missing . Noise . In my city of 19 million souls ( Mumbai’s) I normally wake up to the...

Reaching out #The Daily Post 4

Reaching out #The Daily Post

Why can’t I reach out to more people?   Obviously I’m doing something wrong out here. I just I read Annette’s post where she describes her blogging journey. She also reveals how in just...

Obsessed #TheDailyPost 2

Obsessed #TheDailyPost

It’s 6 am and the city is still waking up. A man walks by with his dog and an old granny hobbles to the 24×7 grocery store. I’m alone at the bus stop. A...

Goodbye my Mango Summer #The Daily Post 10

Goodbye my Mango Summer #The Daily Post

Responding to a “summer” prompt on #The Daily Post   Goodbye summer, hello rain Claps of thunder and a bursts of lightening disturbed  the early morning peace. Like a noisy encore to a wet...

Aimless  #MondayMusings 12

Aimless #MondayMusings

Aimless on a Monday Morning. So it’s early in the morning in my part of the world and late evening in yours perhaps. What am I doing up so early when even the cows...

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