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Swallow #TheDailyPost

In normal times we take for granted How easy is it to swallow A bitter pill A sweet compliment But when you are just laid up in bed Propped up by pillows And your muscles slowly constrict To make it hard to swallow Just a drop of water The throat is parched , The muscles …


Grasp # The Daily Post

I look out of the window And watch the snow fall down As outstretched arms of trees Reach out to grasp the flakes Before they touch the ground And turn into a muddy puddle. Responding to #TheDailyPost – Grasp


The Luxury of Time #TheDailyPost

The luxury of time Monday’s come and Monday’s gone How quickly I don’t know Soon Tuesday will also slip away And the whole of August too How I wish I had the luxury Of bottling up each moment of the day So that I could sip and savour it Before it runs away I long …


The Wind in the Potted Plant #TheDailyPost

  In the early 1900’s when Bombay was still a Textile Town, most of its working class inhabitants lived in a block of flats called chawls. These were more than just home to migrant MIll workers who lived there.  The residents formed strong bonds of kinship and celebrated many occasions as a community – weddings …