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Stunning flowers #ThursdayTreeLove

Our lives now have a new marker – BC which stands for Before Corona. Little did I think my weekend trip to Machan in February would be my last peaceful holiday in a long time . At that time , I was fascinated by the bird song, the peace and quiet . I soaked in …


A Natural Swing #ThursdayTreeLove

This Wednesday I chanced upon this natural swing. Made of the arterial roots of the banyan tree, these roots wound themselves around each other to make a natural swing. A school friend organised a Mindfulness retreat in her sister’s garden across the bay. My heart was in my mouth as the speed boat bounced off …


Reflecting On a Weekend break #ThursdayTreeLove

Staying in an Ecoresort is a great way to live with nature


Male or female ? #ThursdayTreeLove

Waiting for the Little Ones to come out of class gives me time to notice the trees in the leafy lane the school is situated in. The other day I noticed an interesting tree trunk with peeling bark. I asked one of the fathers if he knew what the name of the tree was. I …


Mistaken identity #ThursdayTreeLove

It’s been over six months that I’ve picked up the kids from school every other day . Yet it was only when Wow Dinga pointed it out to me did I realise that the ‘electric pole’ was actually a Palm Tree! While busy chatting with mums and grandmums, I failed to recognise this straight pole …


Breaking Bread #ThursdayTreeLove

Breaking bread with Thanksgiving and the Breadfruit tree