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How many cars will it take ?

This is supposed to be a quiet, upmarket residential area in the supposedly tony South Mumbai neighbourhood of Breach Candy. Once upon a time this affluent area was filled with Europeans and wealthy Indians like Maharajas, merchants , business men and executives working in Multinational companies . As for the streets, the only people seen …

Mumbai Diary

When Google got it wrong on Peddar Road

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The God of our Times Google has become the uncrowned God of our times with its vast knowledge base. Every so now and then, people cite GOOGLE as the authority to treat diseases, quote facts from history, geography and technology. Google is asked for recommendations on nearby restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals and directions to get from …

Mumbai Diary

Underneath the Flyover – A flawed public policy

  Underneath the flyover, in the ‘posher’ part of my city, where the roads are always busy, I spied this family squatting in one of the most expensive real estate and living for FREE.   I wondered at this inequality – aren’t I a citizen of this country too? Why can’t I squat and dirty …