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Reflecting On a Weekend break #ThursdayTreeLove

Staying in an Ecoresort is a great way to live with nature


Masquerade #WordlessWednesday

We were waiting in the traffic when Wow Dinga shouted excitedly “Look! Aji! An AUDI taxi!” I looked all over the traffic to spot the luxury car in the avatar of a very plebeian transport . Though there are high end cars used as private taxis, they aren’t that common. More so they are hard …

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3 Foodie-friendly places in the US #ThursdayPotLuck -3

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With my third edition of #ThursdayPotLuck, I bring you a special guest post by Luke Clifton. The importance of knowing foodie-friendly places Now dining out in another country can be daunting. People who are unaware of the customs can court trouble. For instance, a friend of mine who was on a work trip in the US …


If you have just a day to spend in Boston ………..

With summer soon approaching, many people are making holiday plans. North America,  particularly the US is a popular destination for Indian tourists.  More so, with many of our students studying in US Colleges. If you are in Boston checking out colleges or attending Graduation as I did, you may not have much time to take …


Marching with time #WordlessWednesday

Life has a funny way of coming to the rescue. I was wondering what photo to put up this week when Facebook sent me this one from my past . Last year at this time I was at Schiphol airport waiting to catch my connecting flight to Newark . Time has marched on since then …


Free as a bird #WordlessWednesday

I was driving home from Pune when I saw these hang gliders floating up in the sky. I did a double take when I saw them . Were they birds ? Or were they men? Obviously they were hang gliders who were having fun. For those who are interested, these people were jumping off a …