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Spending the night in a Frenchman’s Bed – A strange story from Amsterdam

Photo by Marko Zirdum from Pexels Those of you who know me will be shocked to learn that I spent one night in a Frenchman’s bed ! Yes ! Stodgy, old, Goody Two Shoes who wouldn’t even hold a cigarette while all those around her were passing joints, actually spent a night in a Frenchman’s …


How the world changed me #SayYesToTheWorld

Sunrises and Sunsets. With each ticket to somewhere, I find I change a little .  Travel opens my mind to a world of new experiences. It expands to accommodate new sunrises and new sunsets I discover new tastes and smells that excite the palate and stir the senses. Like the first time I shivered outside …


Do you want a Hindu Chicken?

Image of a Hindu Chicken

  Recently, while booking an airline ticket on a transatlantic flight I was asked if I wanted a Hindu Non-Veg Meal. Quite frankly, I was aghast. Isn’t this taking food preferences a bit too far? All I wanted a Non Vegetarian meal . It didn’t matter if it was Hindu or not . ” I …