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Why is it only in India………….?

Welcome Home! For the past week the household has been in a tizz or rather abuzz with the thought that Blablabla is coming from the US. Blablabla is all of 23 years old, has visited India many times and is quite familiar with Bombay, her last visit having been 11 months ago. Blablabla is a …


Argo -Unbelievably True!

It never rains but pours! Of course it was not raining in Mumbai which was thankfully dry as a bone. With hurricane winds playing havoc in the US and down south, I was glad that we were enjoying our hot Mumbai weather. These days there is just a slight nip in the air, a barely discernible …


Murderous nanny

After a long time I’m actually staying at home this morning. Of course I am not doing anything much which often leaves people conjuring images of me swinging from a fan like an Orang Utan or lounging on a deck chair like Cleopatra being fed grapes by my willing slave. Alas! No such luck. I …