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Loving & Learning #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

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This Valentine’s Day and beyond , show some love and save a school.

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Will you be my Valentine forever and forever? 9 fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s day

Yipee! I’ve made it to a WOW Post after a long long time The three stages of love Valentine’s it seems has become a very Indian festival. Yesterday, I was walking down the road behind two houseboys and couldn’t help overhearing their conversation. One boy told the other that he was going to ask for …


A perfect Valentine Destination

Valimiki was sleeping in his bed, enjoying the best sleep he’d had for a long while when the warm rays of the sun woke him up. Stretching out his arms and legs, he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked around pleased with himself. It seemed to be a great day after …


A Valentine Fantasy

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   Frankly, I’m way beyond Valentine’s Day. But the other day when I was cleaning up my cupboard, I came across a small wooden box which I’d long forgotten about. I opened it and was surprised when I saw a thin, gold chain with 10 delicate hearts strung on it. Immediately, it brought back memories of …


Is red the colour of love?

Today is Valentine’s Day and I’m already seeing red : The TIMES OF INDIA has a red heart in place of M in its masthead The club is having a special Valentine’s Day dinner and the poster is red, red and more red There are more heart shaped or rather bum-shaped balloons being sold at …


Valentine’s Day

The Club had never looked better. With red and gold swags, silver angels and holly wreaths it just screamed festivity. And with everyone twirling around in lounge suits, bandhgalas, gowns and saris, it looked almost magical , a fairy land in an every day world. That was where it all began perhaps at the exact moment …