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Laundry Woes#MondayMusings

Laundry woes Life is a learning process. Every day I learn something new. For instance, last week Ms. Papaya taught me that people in heaven don’t need to eat because they’ve eaten more than enough when they were on earth. But I don’t seem to have the wisdom of a four-year-old. Else I wouldn’t be …


Laundry tales or why you shouldn’t get scared to launder your sari at home

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The sari is my all time favourite garment for a special do. There’s nothing like its flowing drape which complements all kinds of shapes and sizes, hiding what needs to be hidden and showing off the sexy bits that need to be highlighted. But what is truly the best is that it is timeless and …


Why you shouldn’t buy a Siemens’ Washing Machine

I honestly didn’t want to crib today because I hate the way I’m turning into a perennial grumbler. But honestly today I just have to vent.And yes, it is about my washing machine. After four working days of waiting for a technician to show up, I finally called Siemens’ Customer Service in utter disgust and …